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Social Media Strategy


During my full time positions, I was able to expand my skillsets and help with creating social media strategies. This includes creating calendars for larger campaigns and weekly posting schedules to increase viewing and interaction with consumers. I also helped work through campaigns and integrate them with other parts of their marketing such as emails and blog posts.

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Business Team

Find Your Voice

Learn who you are speaking to! Together we will evaluate everything from location to age range so you can get to know your audience and how to speak to them the most.

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Choose the Right Channels

Let's talk about the channels that you are using. While some channels are good for targeting foodies with entising food, it may not be the right choice for your company. We want to maximize the content that you are putting out there!

Make a Plan

Your team only has so much bandwidth, and I get that. But let's talk about the skills that we can take advantage of talent that you currently have and how to cultivate and grow your audience.

Home Desk

Connect with a Dream Team

Not sure if you are where you want to be? Let's connect and talk to some professionals in the eastern time zone who can get you on your feet (including myself). Each person will help you grow in your efforts to become a social maven.

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