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Review your current state


Collaborate and build


Train your team members


Set up a follow-up plan

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Assess Your Situation

I start all of my clients with a 1 hour assessment meeting. With that meeting we looking over and discuss where your company currently is, where you want it to be, and your expectations on how it will get there. This helps me understand your use case and what potential options that we have to work with once the real work begins.

Construct Your Workflow

This is where we start building out your workflow together. Because of the unque nature of each company that I work with, I offer three different approachs this step.



Together during sessions, I will help guide you on how to create the most efficient system for your workflow. Every session will contain some "Homework" and will expand your understanding of


You learn the system yourself which in turn would save from hiring help in the long-run


There is more expectation and work on you to work and create in



Together we meet and split your work to build your workflow in I will mainly take all new endevors and you would be responsible for all duplication of work.


You learn your system and how to recreate some of the components that are more complicated. You also will have less hands-on work.


You will not get the experience of initially starting up your system.



I am hired on an hourly basis to understand, create, and edit anything that is needed for your system. There is flexibility in time and where I would spend in assesing your company.


You can have a Professional asses your system at contracted times and they are flexible depending on needs.


There is no education on creating the system and all future changes may need assistance.

Onboard Your Team

Choose a number of sessions that you would like to have with your team to onboard in the most efficient and comprehensive way for your company. All sessions are at a fixed price to better help you determine your needs.

Continue Support for Your Team

Not ready to say goodbye? No problem! There are always options for me to continue to help you and your team in transition of your brand new system or even continue a long-term account. 

By Month

Purchase a bulk of hours to use for meetings or build support in your system. 

By Week

Buy individual (or bulk) of weekly 1-hour sessions to meet wtih me and ask me any questions to help you with your system.

Long-Term Committments

Contact me for customized support on your system. This must be 3-months or longer for consideration. Level of support and cost will vary based on demands

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