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The Assignment

Create a video from footage and turn into a video for her YouTube channel. 


The Client

Michelle Adams is the CEO of Michelle's Macarons, located in Troy, Ohio. She started off in her own kitchen in her house and now she owns a storefront, has a home bakery course, and a consistent social media following.


The Process

To start, I was just recieving footage and then piecing together her footage to make a video, but after time we talked about what he video goals were, who inspired her, and what she wanted for the future. 


The Solution

Together, we now brainstorm video ideas, script points, and even talk about some marketing plans. She still films all her footage and I now edit that footage and add any motion design. 


"Jai-Lynn worked for me, and with me, on a wide range of print and digital projects. In addition to her creative talents, Jai-Lynn exhibited an exceptional work ethic, outstanding organization and time management, and a genuine interest in learning new skills."

- Nikki Domanus (Marketing Communications Manager at Sunrise Windows Ltd)


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- Anonymous

"The perfect balance of skill and cost! She was willing to work with me and I was able to get a quality project done. The one time she did ask for a raise, it was not undeserved and I felt comfortable with the amount."

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